Sanctum 12

All the Statues

Tired of waiting for Declan, who most likely fell asleep brushing his mother’s hair, the rest of the group starts making their way to where Artemis found the strange stone.  On their way to the location, Artemis notices that the stone is getting extremely warm through the pouch in which she carries it.  They encounter a couple of giant rats but are able to move stealthily past them.  They end up in front of a large Cthulhu-looking statue made of basalt holding a hammer and cone in front of it.  When Artemis’ stone is placed in a depression in the statue’s head, it swings open and a passageway is revealed.

The floor has black diamonds and flecks of light.  It causes Fenris to get very dizzy when he looks at it for too long.  In this passageway, there are many different sculptures.



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